An open letter to Nigel Farage

Dear Mr Farage

If you really want to be a man of the people, why don’t you campaign about the things that are stopping the people of Great Britain having a good life. You and I know that it’s not immigration or membership of the EU that have a huge effect on people’s lives. Why are many people in Great Britain struggling to make ends meet? Not because of people arriving from Eastern Europe or anonymous bureaucrats in Brussels making decisions.

The reason Great Britain is fighting to get out of the deepest recession since the second world war is because of the actions of your ex colleagues in the city of London. These are the people whose personal greed drove the decisions that led to the financial crisis of 2008, the subsequent fallout, and the enormous, detrimental effect on the lives of ordinary people. What has been done since 2008 to stop these people? Almost nothing!

So, why aren’t you bringing this to the forefront of the debate in the UK? You’re missing a great opportunity. The other three main parties won’t do anything: the Conservatives have too many personal and financial ties to the City; the Labour Party doesn’t want to alienate the City workers it has managed to persuade to vote for them or they will never get back in power; the Liberal Democrats sit on too many fences.

So, come on Nigel. Drop all this nonsense about immigration and the big bad wolf in Brussels. Get to the real issues that need correcting. The issues that have the biggest effect of the lives of the people you claim to want to represent. If these issues are not corrected 2008 will happen again: that’s not a prediction, that’s a fact.

Or maybe your ex colleagues are still your current friends, and you can’t afford to upset them.

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