About me

If you’ve arrived at this page it means you’ve found your way to my website, and are now curious to know something about me.

Never having written a page like this I was at a bit of a loss to know what to say. I have a cv of course, but I’m sure you don’t want all the details of where I went to school and what jobs I’ve had, or perhaps you do … no you don’t, do you?

So, I asked myself what I would want to know about someone who says “Welcome to my world”, and invites me look at their books, plays, comments and songs?

 Cultural experience? – I was born in Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire, England. For the past 30 years I have been living in the land of the 4Cs, Switzerland (cows, cash, chocolate, cheese). Now I’m spending the third phase of life (the most enjoyable phase) in Bath, England.

 Professional experience? – I studied chemistry, and worked in pharmaceutical research and the scientific instrument industry. For 16 years I was the Dean of a business school, and taught marketing and verbal communication techniques.

 Artistic experience? – A love of the written word: wide range of fiction and non-fiction reading interests; writing books, short stories, lyrics. I have acted in and directed plays for the theatre.

 Wisdom? – Born in 1947 means that I am in the third phase of life, the best phase: I can determine how I spend each day and have time for informed reflection.

 Put all this together and I think I have something to say in the words I write. Let me know what you think as this site grows and you can read more of my words.

Best regards

Trevor Johnson

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