When Lisa Stern and her boss, Christopher McLendi, wake up on a bed in a hotel in the centre of Zurich, they have no idea how they got there. Why they were in the The Celler jazz bar before the hotel in also a mystery. Could the owner of the bar, Lisa’s ex-husband, have something to do with it?

After a raid on The Celler, DS Freidmann needs to find out who gave the prostitutes permission to be soliciting in the bar, before the Swiss sex-trade equilibrium is disrupted.

Lisa goes to The Celler to try to find out more, and is drugged, kidnapped and threatened.

Friedmann knows someone called Gazda is the one pulling the strings. But who is he? A local football hero, a bar-owning lawyer, a war refuge, a corrupt police officer or somebody else?

Two brutal murders mean Friedmann must find the answers, quickly.

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