Elizabeth is missing

Elizabeth is missing by Emma Healey

What makes a great book?
Does ‘Elizabeth is Missing’ have:
a riveting plot? – no, the plot of is very simple, and cannot be described as exciting
a twist in the tale? – no, the end is almost easy to guess
strong characters? – YES, YES, YES, or rather strong character: being inside and outside Maud’s head is one of the most interesting reading experiences I have had for a long time.
Who should read this book?
I’ve never taken this approach in writing a review, but you see it is sometimes in ‘professional’ reviews, so here goes:
– older people who are approaching the time of life when Alzheimer’s disease might be a possibility
– young people who want to understand what goes on in the head of the older people they have contact with
– book readers who like a ‘whodunnit’ that is character driven
– anyone who enjoys an excellent, page-turning read
I think that covers everyone!

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