One thought on “In the news


    Dear Trevor,

    Read your comments on CHARLIE HEBDO. It may be the first time ever that we agreed on something :-). I take issue, however, with you assumption:

    “it seems to me that the journalists of Charlie Hebdo were intent on ‘fighting’ Islam.”

    I am afraid you are overrating or misinterpreting the ambitions of the journalists of this despicable magazine. In my book they excel only in vulgarity and obscenity appreciated by a very small number of people (circulation 20’000 copies ?) whose IQ must either be very low or
    extremely high. No, Charlie Hebdo is not fighting Islam. They are making fun of everything and mostly in bad taste. If they would be fighting for a cause, a conviction, the issue would indeed concern the freedom of the press but this is not the case.

    By the way, I am prepared to go one step further. I would hold the people who elevate press freedom to a dogma and who condone the trampling on the religious feelings of others, responsible for the next attack and possible loss of life.

    Ideologists and fundamentalists are found in many places and they are always dangerous.

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